You Cannot Choose Your Market
. . . Your Market Chooses You SM
“The Invisible Market MatrixTM delivered a valid method to quantify the selection interviews and Project 200s for our candidates. The information provided was highly valuable in identifying the best candidates for our agency.”
• • • Matt Bond
Managing Director, SGC-Financial
Fifty percent of new advisors leave by the end of their first year.

This page is designed for financial services agency managers and recruiters seeking to hire the best young and inexperienced candidates to build their agency.


Recent studies show that more than 50% of new financial services professional advisors leave by the end of their first year and 87% leave by the end of their fourth year. Those percentages, coupled with the high cost of recruiting and training new advisors, clearly indicate the need for a new, proven approach to candidate selection. We created the Invisible Market MatrixTM (IMM) to specifically address the financial services industry’s need for a more effective candidate selection process.


What if you could increase the retention rate of your new advisors? And what if you could offer them a powerful tool to grow their business in a better way than simply listing people they already know?

Our revolutionary software, The Invisible Market Matrix, gives advisors a proven way to meet hundreds of good prospects they don’t yet know. And it gives managers and recruiters a proven approach to better candidate selection.

When you consider hiring a recent graduate or inexperienced person, you need an answer to this question: “Can this person access and sell to my agency’s market?”


The IMM answers that question with three simple steps:

Create a profile of the clients your successful young agents typically sell to.
Have your candidates enter information into the Invisible Market Matrix program about themselves.
The IMM compares the candidate’s profile to your agency’s client profile and generates web links. The web links provide the candidate with direct access to your agency’s target market. The more links a candidate has, the greater the probability of success.


The IMM differs from Project 200/300 in significant ways:

Invisible Market Matrix Project 200/300
  • Detailed target market profile
  • Random list of names
  • Identifies multiple sites for accessing prospects
  • No system for accessing
  • Never run out of people to talk to
  • Run out of people to talk to
  • Introduces advisor to people not yet known
  • Limited to people advisor already knows
  • Provides advisor with infinite prospect pool
  • Advisor limited to small prospect pool
The Invisible Market Matrix Selection System
Critical Contacts offers a free trial license that allows you to process 10 candidates at no charge. We are so confident in The Invisible Market Matrix (IMM) that we will invoice you for system installation and licensing only if you want to continue using the IMM. If you decide not to use it, you pay nothing.
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